Installing Docker

You won't get far without it.

Using the convenience script

The people at Docker have kindly written what they call a "convenience script" that will run all of the necessary commands to get Docker CE installed on your machine.

Important: Always check the contents of shell scripts before piping them into your shell! You can see the content of the convenience script here:

In your terminal, run:

curl -sSL | sh

This will download the shell script, then execute it in your shell. You will probably want to root to do this (via sudo or however else).

User setup

Depending on how you wish to use the docker command, by default you must use the sudo command as the Docker daemon runs under the root user. For novice users, this is a wise step to take while getting to grips with what Docker can do. However, if you feel comfortable bypassing this requirement, you can add your user to the docker group, which give you permission to run the Docker command without sudo:

sudo usermod -aG docker $user