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- Josh Stark

A fresh new look.

For a while now, LinuxServer has become a name in the Docker community. Combining ease-of-use with some of the most popular applications available for those with home servers. To date, we've had over 6 million combined pulls on our images and there is a level of pride we hold in what we have achieved.

The team here has been in wide discussions over where we see the LS.io name in the coming months, stretching into next year. So far a strong focus has landed on migrating our Docker images to an Alpine base, as well as support for ARM architecture.

Migrated Docker base images to Alpine and added ARM support

We're always on the lookout for new authors that want to write about Docker, Linux and technical aspects of combining the two topics. If that's you, get in touch. This whole site started as a blog by our Editor-in-chief, Alex (IronicBadger), and soon evolved into a team of like-minded volunteers with the same passion of software, home automation, networking, and hardware configuration. The early days consisted of build logs, how-to guides, updates on team projects, and the occasional opinion piece. The number of articles recently hasn't been as high as we'd like and we intend to publish more content, more often - watch this space.

We have changed platforms

The most immediately obvious change to the site is its look and feel. This is due to our decision to move away from Wordpress and embrace Ghost as our platform of choice for publishing new articles. We felt that Wordpress detracted from our main goal of providing clean and easy to follow guides, plus interesting articles for our viewers and subscribers. For us, Ghost felt like the perfect choice as it has a much stronger focus on modern publication. Doesn't it just look beautiful?

Over the years, the LS.io site has produced a vast number of different articles and guides, detailing anything and everything related to home (and small business) server technology. We decided that during our move, we would assess which articles and guides to bring with us. In the end, we decided that a mixture of our most popular articles - plus specific ones we felt relevant - would be kept, while the rest would be archived away, somewhere in the depths of our server-space.

However, this does not mean we have disregarded or ignored the content that did not make the cut. A lot of time and effort goes into the research, testing, and then writing of our content here. In this case, we needed to engage a level of pragmatism as we didn't want to instantly clutter the new site. (The migration process was also a very manual and arduous task!).


As Ghost doesn't have an in-built commenting system, we have moved to Disqus. It has great community support and is widely used throughout the blogosphere. We are currently in the process of migrating all of our original comments over to Disqus (and thus this new site) but they may not immediately show up, as the migration itself is somewhat manual. If you are reading this and there are comments, nice! If not, we are working on it.

What to expect from now

In the coming weeks, months and hopefully the next year, a stronger focus on current and relevant news as well as further build logs should start making their way back to our website. I will also endeavour to provide my own opinions on certain aspects of Docker and development pipelines, which are seeing a much greater share of daylight in today's engineering ecosystem.

Our endeavours in the Docker arena are still very much full steam ahead, with a dedicated group of people constantly tweaking our images, as well as creating new ones. Our support for these images will remain strong, especially over on the LimeTech (unRAID) forums, where we know a lot of our user base resides.