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Even the smallest donation from you will help us keep everything up and running so we can continue to provide our great services. We are always eternally grateful for the donations we receive. Everyone at LinuxServer is a volunteer. We don't get paid to do this — we try our best to make the most of our free time to continue improving what we do. If you love what we do, please consider helping us by either donating or contributing to our budget. Cheers!



We wouldn't be where we are without the avid support of our users, but special thanks go to a few organisations who have very kindly helped us by donating either their time, credit, or hardware in order for us to provide the best service we can.



Provided credit for their Droplet ecosystem. Entered LSIO into their supporter program.


Provided hardware which we use as part of our image build system (aarch64).


Sent us a testing unit to allow us to provide user support for QNAP devices.


Sent us a testing unit to allow us to provide user support for Synology devices.


Generous monetary donations, and provided us with some license keys for their software.

Financial Contributors