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- Josh Stark

The dangers of pulling :latest

On a wonderful sunny Sunday morning, I spent a good few hours sweating over my server in the hopes of restoring a partially corrupted and misconfigured database. Why? Because I was pulling mysql:latest.

This should serve as a case study for those that live on the edge - it's not always wise to continually pull the latest build of your favourite server applications. Updates have the potential to break backwards compatibility.

So, what happened? On 19th April 2018, the docker image for MySQL moved its latest tag from the stable 5.7 branch over to the stable 8.0 branch. This resulted in many users of the image reporting issues when pulling down the newer build of the database software - issues I unfortunately experienced myself.

I use a multitude of our own Docker images, so I get into the habit of refreshing my apps once a week. This includes stopping and removing all containers, pulling the latest version of the images down, then rebuilding all containers. Within that list lies the MySQL image, which I was foolishly pulling from latest. Of course, updating an existing database across three major versions is going to cause all kinds of pain. If there is one category of software you absolutely do not want to change often, it's the DBMS.

Of course, it's not always a dangerous game to play - other software suites are perfectly safe to update regularly, but it's important to understand the side-effects that potential major (or even in some cases, minor) version updates will have on your persisted data.

Thankfully, I back up all of my application data on a regular basis using Duplicati, which we also provide via a Docker image. After having remembered I indeed had a semi-recent backup of my database, I removed my (now messed up v8.0) container for MySQL, restored my 5.7 version of the database, locked my MySQL image to 5.7, then rebuilt. Presto, I'm back in business.

Remember, latest really does mean latest, so ask yourself, do you need to be running the bleeding edge?