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- j0nnymoe

The Forum...Current state and the future...

The old forum as you knew and loved it has been retired and we're replacing it with a brand new Discourse based platform, the new standard of excellence in forum software.

Due to the greatly differing forum platforms, we were unable to properly migrate data from the old to new formats. Combined with changes of focus from the team on what we want the new forum to be, we decided to start from a clean, fresh slate. This will allow us to communicate changes much more effectively in the future and as we migrate to a new CI/CD build pipeline, we will utilise this new platform much more to share how things are changing, but also to gain ever essential feedback.

All that being said, our new forum is now live and ready for you to jump in and participate. We're going to be linking this with our Discord chat service, to make sure everybody is always able to get the help they need.