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Introducing SWAG Dashboard

SWAG Dashboard is a mod powered by GoAccess that provides a comprehensive overview of SWAG's operation.


Follow latest the instructions on the mod's readme to set it up.

Navigate to dashboard.yourdomain.com from your LAN to view the dashboard.

Note that the dashboard only allows LAN access by default, to expose it (on a VPS for example) you would need to remove the allow/deny in /config/nginx/proxy-confs/dashboard.subdomain.conf and instead protect it some other way (like Authelia for example).




Shows whether the SSL certificate is valid and when it expires.


Searches for available apps on SWAG's network and for proxy configs that have been enabled.

It works best when the proxy confs have a structure that resembles the samples:

  set $upstream_app <container/address>;
  set $upstream_port <port>;
  set $upstream_proto <protocol>;
  proxy_pass $upstream_proto://$upstream_app:$upstream_port;


Shows active fail2ban jails, amount of bans each jail has, and the last banned IPs.

Version Updates

Shows config files that have version updates and links to the latest versions where you can see the changes.


Shows the latest linuxserver.io announcements which include new containers, deprecated containers, and important changes that may concern you.


GoAccess is a tool that analyzes the logs and aggregates logged requests into graphs which are useful for finding issues and security concerns.

Unique Visitors Per Day

Shows a breakdown of unique visitors, page hits, and amount of data transferred per day where you can spot concerning amounts of data transfers on specific days.

Requested Files

Shows the most requested URLs, where you can spot concerning amounts of requests being made to specific URLs.

Static Requests

Shows the most requested static files, where you can spot concerting amounts of hits/visitors requesting specific static files.

Not Found URLs

Shows requests to missing URLs, where you can spot concerning amounts of requests to URLs that should not exist.

Visitor Hostnames and IPs

Shows the visitors with the most hits and their country of origin, where you can spot concerning amounts of hits from unknown visitors.

Operating Systems

Shows a breakdown of the operating systems of visitors.


Shows a breakdown of the browsers of visitors.

Time Distribution

Shows which time-of-day has the most activity.

Referring Sites

Shows which sites have referred the most, it can be useful for spotting search engines referring to your private domains.

HTTP Status Codes

Shows hits per status code, where you can spot concerning error codes with many hits.

Geo Location

Shows the most active continents and countries, where you can spot concerning amounts of hits from countries which shouldn't access your domains.

Swag Maxmind mod or Swag DBIP mod are required to enable this graph.