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PSA: Updates!

Well, with the January blues out the way, we can march on with the rest of the year and you can expect more excellent content from us! Moving forward, we will be posting update posts more frequently but if you want to keep up to date with our current goings on, please follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts for the latest goings on at LinuxServer.io

Docker Pulls

We would like to say a huge thank you to every single person that has used our containers and for making them as popular as they are. We have smashed through 20 million pulls across all our containers in our Main Repository!


We are proud to announce that we now have a docker repo which is included within LibreELEC itself. We have been working with their team for the past few months to get this out the door ready for their long awaited 8.0 release. This will cover all the platforms that the LibreELEC Docker addon works on [x86_64 / armhf / aarch64].


As you may have noticed, we have recently opened a new repository for aarch64 containers. This was all made possible thanks to the guys at Pine64 for supplying us with some boards so that we could get started doing docker development on this platform. We plan to have a review on this board online soon.

Other Items

There are some other exciting bits coming up later this year, I won't go into detail but the main thing is that we are currently working closely with the people at Portainer ;-). Also, We are hoping to restart the podcast once we work out the logistics!

We hope everyone continues to have a fantastic 2017. Please don't forget to follow us on social media [Twitter / Facebook] and also get on over to the forums! We have done some adjustments with the forum but more will be coming through out the next couple of months!