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Perform multiple SSH hops with SSH config and a jump host

Perform multiple SSH hops with SSH config and a jump host

SSH is one of those tools that once you learn you wonder how you ever lived without it. Today, we'll cover some tricks to pimp your SSH workflow using the ~/.ssh/config file.

Getting Started with SSH

SSH (Secure Socket sHell) provides a secure way to access another computer. The most common us...

2nd Dec 2016 - IronicBadger
A fresh new look.

A fresh new look.

For a while now, LinuxServer has become a name in the Docker community. Combining ease-of-use with some of the most popular applications available for those with home servers. To date, we've had over 6 million combined pulls on our images and there is a level of pride we hold in what we have achieve...

4th Oct 2016 - Josh Stark

6 million docker pulls!

We are ecstatic to announce that our docker images have been pulled over 6 million times! The time and effort gone into writing and maintaining our images has clearly paid off as we have seen a steady increase in usage of our images over the last year. While we have many different images and applica...

28th Sep 2016 - Josh Stark

Changes to our Plex Docker container

At the time of writing this article the linuxserver/plex container has been pulled 184,679 times from Docker hub. Our container was the first to properly support switching between the “PlexPass” and “standard” versions of Plex Media Server. As the popularity has grown we’ve attracted the scrutiny...

7th Apr 2016 - lonix